Adventure travel is a major segment of travel. People in different parts of the world are engaging in different types of adventure travel. Perhaps, you want to engage in adventure travel but you don’t know what type of travel is ideal for you. Here are the major types of adventure travel to consider. 

Hiking or Trekking 

This type of adventure travel entails traveling on foot to remote places. It’s always at the core of the adventure of most people. You can go backpacking or trekking to remote places. Nevertheless, you simply head out to enjoy a backcountry adventure and explore your destination. 

Mountain Biking or Cycling 

Mountain biking or cycling provides a great way to enjoy adventure travel. Instead of exploring your travel destination on foot, you do it using a bike. This enables you to travel to more places faster. You also explore your destination without losing your connection to the local culture, people, and the landscape. Mountain biking provides a similar experience. However, it enables you to access off-the-beaten-paths, remote destinations. It also introduces some form of exercise because you explore your destination riding a bike. 

Kayaking or Canoeing 

Kayaking and canoeing also provide a great form of adventure travel. These forms of travel enable travelers to access rivers, lakes, and oceans in some cases. This form of adventure travel can be serene, like when you go paddling along the isles or wild when you take on whitewater destinations. Nevertheless, this kind of traveling requires experience. It can also be dangerous and strenuous depending on the water. 

Mountaineering or Climbing 

Although some people don’t see this as adventure travel, climbing and mountaineering expeditions fall into this category. However, this adventure travel requires experience and skills. Travelers use ice axes, ropes, and crampons among other specialized equipment. 

These are the major types of adventure travel. It’s, however, important to take precautions when engaging in any of these types of adventure travel. Make sure that it’s safe for you to engage in any of these types of travel before you go.