Most people are worried about meeting interesting people when traveling.  Well, according to Jimmy Grana, owner of Techy Ninjas, out in Texas, says that not every traveler is an extrovert, outgoing, and comfortable in different situations like he is most of the time. If you’re an introvert, you should work extra harder to connect and interact with other travelers. Here are tips for making you enjoyable to be with when traveling. 

Give People Reasons to Talk to You 

People should have a reason to talk to you. For instance, you can wear clothing that identifies you with something. Somebody that knows that thing will most likely be interested in talking to you. Essentially, you should carry, put on, or showcase something that attracts people to your appearance. And this can be a hat, a t-shirt, jewelry, or a sports jersey. What you wear can have a funny saying, a brand, or a logo. Such items will make some people interested in talking to you. 

Be Approachable 

People will only talk to you if you’re approachable. Some people look like they don’t want others to speak to them. Thus, even if somebody wants to talk to you, how you look can make them not approach you. Therefore, be careful about body language. For instance, maintain visible hands and uncrossed limbs. Smile and make eye contact with other travelers. These are body languages that tell others that you don’t mind them approaching you. 

Eat with Strangers 

Don’t be afraid to sit next to strangers in a restaurant. If they invite you to their table, don’t decline. Be friendly and outgoing. Hold conversations with strangers in open places. That’s how people start long-term friendships with strangers when traveling. Talk about your travel experiences and why you decided to visit your current destinations. You can even let them know where you intend to go next. 

When you become interesting when traveling, you stand a higher chance of meeting interesting people. Follow these tips for being interesting to have more fun and make new friends when traveling.