How to Manage Period During Travel

Traveling to a place with a dramatic time difference affects the internal body clock or the circadian rhythm. And this affects your menstrual cycle or period. However, travel won’t impact your period when using birth control. If worried about the impacts of travel on your period, here’s how you can manage your menstrual cycle when traveling.

Prepare Yourself

Climate change and jet lag will undoubtedly affect your period. Therefore, prepare for travel by adapting to a different cycle before the trip. For instance, you can spend some time awake when you would otherwise be sleeping before the trip. Also, consider sleeping during the day to give your body a head start by adjusting your routine.

Stick to Your Regular Routine If Possible

If planning to enjoy some time with the locals exploring their cuisines, try to schedule meals typically. Also, stick to your exercise and diet routine when traveling, if possible. Thus, you can try to remain active during the trip where possible.

Avoid Excessive Drinking

Excessive alcohol consumption can affect your period. Therefore, try to avoid excessive drinking when traveling because this can affect your period too.

Try to Enjoy Quality Sleep

Maybe travel affects your sleep. In that case, try some tips for improving your sleep quality. For instance, you can use essential oils, teas, music, and special pillows that enable you to fall asleep faster or relax.

Drink Adequate Water

People that are very active when traveling get sick during their period. However, you can avoid this by keeping your body hydrated, especially during summer. Therefore, drink adequate water to minimize your period cramps.

The best method for managing your period when traveling is avoiding unnecessary stress. Menstrual cycle changes happen during vacation because of shifts in the natural bio-rhythm caused by diet changes, lack of adequate sleep, dehydration, and intense excitement. Therefore, try to avoid these changes by maintaining a routine where possible.